Dr Emma V. Ward

Dr. Ward is an academic researcher based at Middlesex University, London. Her research interests surround human memory and cognitive aging, with a particular focus on the relationship between different expressions of memory (e.g., explicit/conscious, versus implicit/unconscious), and how they are affected by the normal aging process. She is also interested in incidental versus intentional memory, and how various factors can affect memory encoding and retrieval, including attention, depth of processing, context, rhythm, and prediction. Dr. Ward primarily uses experimental behavioural methods to address mechanistic questions about the operations of memory, but has recently begun to employ EEG through collaboration with colleagues at Middlesex to examine the neural basis of memory effects.

Dr. Ward completed her PhD at University College London (2009-2012) on the distinction between explicit and implicit memory in normal aging, and prior to joining Middlesex she held positions at City University, London, and the University of York.

Dr Ward is a keen advocate of science communication, open science and public engagement. She has an ongoing partnership with the University of the Third Age (U3A), for which she regularly delivers public lectures and workshops, and recently won a competitive 6-week research residency at the Science Museum, London, gaining covering in the Guardian and on the BBC (see News section).


PhD Psychology, University College London

MSc Research Methods, University College London

BSc Psychology (hons), University of Wales, Swansea